// updated 2/28/2021 @ 7:17pm PST

We have been keeping close to everything going on with the Covid-19 pandemic and have prayerfully moved forward in re-opening the church (initially outdoor services) since Christ is the Head of the Church, and we are called to "assemble together" (Hebrews 10:24-25). The church is not a building, but it is the assembling together of the Saints. We have seen how vital the church is throughout this year, and how much hope is needed, not just for this life, but forever. We love you and care about you - soul, mind, and body - and have re-opened with a plan that provides as many options as we can to facilitate the church being together.


This plan is for our Sunday services starting May 31st, and in effect until otherwise noted.

Layer 1: in-person (indoors)

 // Starting Sunday, Nov 8th through winter months.

  • If you are sick please stay home, and let us know so we can keep you in prayer! (Join us on our livestream)
  • Please wear a mask in considering others.
  • Philippians 2:3 calls us to “esteem others higher than ourselves”, and so upon entry, exit, and while interacting with someone who is wearing a mask we ask that you wear one to reciprocate.
  • 2 Corinthians 3:18 says, “and we all, with unveiled faces, beholding the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another. For this comes from the Lord who is the Spirit.” Which is why we are not going to enforce wearing a mask during worship services.
  • God welcomes us and we are not to pass judgement on one another (Romans 14:1-23)
  • Hand sanitizer will be placed throughout the Foyer, Sanctuary, and restrooms.
  • We will have masks available if you need one.
  • We have ~100 seats in the Main Sanctuary
  • The seating is set up in groups of 2-4 chairs that are grouped together but spaced from another group of chairs, and can be moved as needed. Our Ushers will oversee this.
  • We have ~15 seats in the Foyer that are more spaced out.
  • We have outdoor seating available with a TV set up that is live-streaming the service from inside.
  • Please reserve a spot if you want to be masked the whole time and we will do our best to accommodate your seating in a more distanced area.
  • This should give us enough seats, and if we need more, or to add a 2nd service we will do that. Reserving a spot will help us manage this.
  • We know it will be difficult to maintain distance, but we will give it our best effort. Do not let this hinder your Spirit, and eagerness to welcome, greet, pray with and fellowship with others.
  • Restrooms are open and will be cleaned more often. We ask that you wipe down what you’ve used to help. Please do not flush any wipes, or anything other than TP down the toilets.
  • Calvary Kids will be in the main service for the first set of worship and will split after to go outside into the Kids Ark.
  • Anchored Youth (7th - 12th graders) will be in the main service.
  • The Hospitality ministry is officially still on-hold, however we will not stop the generosity and hospitality of our church family, in accordance with safe practices.
  • If you've made it this far and would like to give us your feedback we'd love to get it: SURVEY.

Layer 2: in-car drive-in (for Outdoor services)

  • If you want to be there "in-person" but are on the fence, then you can pull-up in your vehicle to our fence! We'd love to see your faces.
  • We should be able to accommodate ~18 vehicles with line-of-sight to the service area.
  • Please stay in/near your car for the duration of service, and feel free to back-in and do it "tail-gate" style.
  • This is a great option that stills allows you to join us without needing to leave your car. 
  • If this is your first time joining us - welcome! It will help us gauge attendance/capacity if you reserve-a-spot so we can be best prepared. Thank you.

Layer 3: @home/online

  • This is the recommended layer for anybody that is sick, or for any at-risk due to underlying health issues. We love you.
  • We will continue live-streaming to our Facebook and YouTube, Sundays at 10am. All messages will be archived to our YouTube channel.
There is no judgement as to what layer you feel most comfortable attending. Differing viewpoints on this pandemic gives us no reason to divide. This will pass, but the work of the church will not, until this age has ended. We must, "make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace." (Ephesians 4:1-3)


What about Midweek studies?
  • They are all still happening online via zoom - and many are now gathering again in-person as well (Youth, Young Adults)

Can we use bathrooms indoors?
  • Yes, we will have them open for limited use and the bathrooms will then need to be wiped down after each individual use by the user. We are also cleaning them more often.

Can we sing?
  • I don't know - can you? Ha ha. In all seriousness, yes you can sing to the LORD as commanded 100+ times in the scriptures. We will never ask you not to sing. If we don't sing, the rocks will cry out, right?

Did we miss your Q?
  • Please contact us HERE.

Midweek Gatherings:

Midweek gatherings will still be meeting online via zoom or other methods as communicated.

Helpful Links:

If you need anything during this time, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to serve the LORD, the Church, and to love our neighbors, and even our enemies - so everyone is covered!