Our Story...

...is part of His-story

Our mission is to see all people anchored in God's truth & become who they were created to be. Starting with San Mateo/Belmont, the Bay Area and to the ends of the world.
We are always moving forward but we also want to honor the past, and thank God for His abundant faithfulness in our life as a church. Future faithfulness is just as certain as past faithfulness.

Calvary San Mateo is part of the Calvary Chapel churches which were born out of the Jesus' Movement in the '60's & '70's down in Southern CA.

Calvary Chapel San Mateo was started in 1996 as a home bible study and eventually grew into a building. Our church has moved around a lot throughout San Mateo County. We used to joke that we were like the Israelites wandering in the wilderness - but God always provided a place for us to gather. The Bay Area is such a fast-paced and transient place but we still have a few members that were part of the church upon it's inception. Of course many of the faces around here are newer and we love meeting the new people that God brings to our church even if it's just for a short time. We also glory in the fact that we have quite a national/global presence with all the members who have relocated across the US and world! It is beautiful to know that the same Spirit of the Living God runs through all who are in Christ.

Calvary Chapel San Mateo was planted by Doug Patterson and then pastored faithfully early on by Deano Ishiki up until 2016 when the Senior Pastor position was handed off to Pastor Jason Frei who is still currently the Sr. Pastor. Jason served as the youth Pastor under Deano for 12 years, since May 2004, and has become embedded in the life & culture of Calvary San Mateo. His 3 boys have been raised at this church and they are family. Even new members become like instant family because the same Spirit binds us together.

We hold to the Calvary Chapel Distinctives which do not adhere strictly to any one denomination, thus we are a non-denominational church and ready to associate & partner with any in the body of Christ who hold to the essentials of the Christian faith. We open our doors and welcome all people to come to our church knowing that the grace of God is what we all need. God loves us too much to leave us where we are - He has a renewed life for all of us!
Pictures are worth a thousand words so we have included a handful of pictures of our church throughout the years.

Enjoy the trip, and for some this will be a sweet memory lane.

Calvary through the years...

(in no particular order)

If you have any old photos you'd like to share with us, please let us know.
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