Supporting Ukraine Refugees & Churches

Our hearts are burdened by the events unfolding in Ukraine. We are thankful to be supporting church family and people with close ties to the churches in and around Ukraine with our prayers and tangibly. Our church supports Samaritan's Purse which has relief efforts taking place in Ukraine right now. Please read & listen below to learn more about how to support those we know (personally and in Christ) who are serving the Ukrainian people through this conflict.
Our dear sister, Olga at our church, is from Ukraine and has a lot of family & friends still there. She has been in constant contact with them and getting real-time updates. It is a tremendously difficult time for her so please include her and her husband, Kedar, in your prayers. She has also given specific prayer requests below.

If you'd like to support relief efforts financially through Calvary San Mateo please see instructions below.
The video above is an update from CGN (Calvary Global Network) showing the relief efforts taking place in and around Ukraine as this war continues and destroys and displaces many. You can follow the CGN vimeo channel here.
Jed and Renee Gourley serve in Tbilisi, Georgia through church planting and establishing Calvary Chapel Bible College Eurasia. They served for years previously in Ukraine and have family there still. They are actively sending servant teams into Hungary and Ukraine to serve refugees as they arrive.

Sign up here for updates from the Gourleys, and click here to send financial support for Ukrainian relief through their teams.

Prayer Requests from Olga:

  • Please pray for her family...
  • Pray for her brother, Kirill, who is serving in the territorial defense unit (military reserve) protecting their home city.
  • Pray for her aunt, cousins and all their kids who can't get out of the city with Russian troops being as close as 50mi away.
  • Pray for the salvation of those in her family, including her dad, who do not yet know the LORD.
  • Pray for her many friends who've willingly stayed behind to help those fleeing from cities and towns that have been shelled and bombed for the last 23 days.
  • Pray for the supernatural protection of Ukrainian soldiers fighting with insufficient resources.
  • Pray for the millions of evacuees who've lost homes, their normal lives and everything they knew.
  • Pray for God's protection for all those disabled, elderly and underserved people who can't leave for different reasons or choose to stay because it's just too hard to leave.
  • Pray for God's miraculous work of salvation in the hearts of people in Ukraine and beyond through all of this. What Satan wants to use for evil God will turn for good!
  • Prayer requests will be added her from Olga as this war continues so stay tuned.

Prayer Requests from Ukraine Pastors & Missionaries:

  • Please pray for Divine intervention in this situation. Apart from that, there does not seem to be any alternative to this continuing and devastating war.
  • Pray for those who have experienced trauma and loss of loved ones. We know that God is the great healer and the One who can meet the deepest of needs. May the Lord provide for them materially, emotionally, and spiritually during this tragic time.
  • Pray for those who are fleeing violence—for safe travel, places to stay, food, and necessary supplies. With this in mind, please pray for those churches that are receiving and taking care of refugees, not only in Western Ukraine, but also in surrounding countries.
  • Pray for the salvation of soldiers on both sides of the fighting. Pray that Russian soldiers would be convicted by the Holy Spirit of the bloodshed for which they are responsible and that they would no longer wish to fight for their demented dictator.
  • Pray for wisdom to be given to world leaders to know how to respond in this situation. May these leaders come to seek peace.
  • Pray for God’s mercy to triumph over the senseless death and destruction that is taking place. Lord, bring peace!

Join us on Wednesday's at 7pm (PST) for Prayer (via Zoom) here > or at Church on Saturday mornings to pray together in-person.
If you'd like to give through us you can do so via our online giving and we will donate that money to Samaritan's Purse or other organizations helping on the ground in Ukraine.

If you do give, please use the 1st online giving option (Subsplash) and direct it to our "Benevolence" fund. Leave a note in the memo section that says, "Ukraine". Thank you.

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