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We have groups for all ages and things taking place almost every day/night of the week.

Women's group (all ages)

You will be accepted, encouraged, challenged, and loved in Christ. Our Women's group is currently meeting on Monday nights.

THRIVE home groups (all ages)

Life-change happens in community. See how much God has in store for you by joining a THRIVE Group. We are currently combining our THRIVE groups into one and doing them via zoom on Tuesday nights.

Prayer night (all ages)

All are invited out to our YES & AMEN prayer nights on Wednesdays - currently via zoom

Young adult-ish (~17-29 y.o.)

We are currently meeting every-other Thursday in-person at the church + zoom (option).

Youth / Students (7th-12th grade)

Give God the best days of your life. We meet on Friday nights at the church!

Poiema / Arts (all ages)

Reaching hearts through the arts - and serving God with our heart via art! We are currently on break but typically meet Saturdays, so if you're interested let us know.

Techies (all ages)

There is always more we want to do with technology and we always want to do it better. If the Lord has gifted you and given you a desire to serve in this area we'd love to know!

Hospitality (all ages)

We are always looking for people to join our hospitality team, so if the Lord is putting that on your heart - we'd love to have you serve with us!

Outreach (all ages)

Outreach is the overflow of a life that is filled with the Holy Spirit and can't contain the good news in a world full of bad news! Join us!
1 Corinthians 12:4-6

see what god can do through you.

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