Did God Allow the Coronavirus Because of Me?

No. God did not allow the Coronavirus (COVID-19) because of you.

However, God did allow, and is allowing the Coronavirus to continue under His sovereign rule (Psalm 115:3). He is therefore also able to, "work [all things] for the good of those who love him" (Romans 8:28) because ultimately He is still in control. This is a mystery. How God is able to do this will only be revealed when we are in resurrected glory with Him. This world is fallen, and like a hard-drive with a virus, everything has been corrupted. The Bible says that, "all of creation groans" (Romans 8:22-24) because of this - and we are feeling that groaning now in many ways. I do not want to minimize the fallout that is occurring due to the virus not only with health issues, but the economic domino effect.

In the midst of feeling it, I have had the thought several times, and also heard others remark that they, "know God didn't allow the Coronavirus because of them, but..." and then go on to say how because of it, God is working something in their life. For me, it's been a gracious reminder of the Heavenly things, Gods calling upon my life, and that this life is a vapor - which I suppose is standard fare for calamitous events in our life. C.S. Lewis aptly remarked that God, "shouts to us in our pains; it is His megaphone to rouse a deaf world." We often get lulled to sleep in times of relative ease and abundance (or should I say lol'd for meme's sake), and it's just hard to stay as focused and determined in such times (though I do try to make a concerted effort to be thankful in such times!)

May this be a merciful wake-up call to us all. For those who do not know God, that they would put their trust in Jesus while He is near and while there is still time! (Romans 10:9-13, Isaiah 55:6-7). For those who know the LORD, may we be serious about our Fathers business (Luke 2:49), not in a stoic and way, but in a seriously glad way with an eagerness that everyone would know the goodness of God that we know.

Use this time and all that God is doing through it wisely - He is doing much. Rejoice!

For Such a Time as THIS,
Pastor Jason

Photo by Fusion Medical Animation on Unsplash

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