Life is complicated but Truth is simple.

However, It does takes encouragement & that's why we're here.

For Jr. High & High Schoolers.

Once a month, on Fridays (during scheduled youth group from 6pm - 8:30pm) we will meet to discuss God’s design for relationships. The students will receive instruction on navigating involvement, handling distractions, working through disappointments, and reacting to peer pressure, while staying true to the Lord and themselves.

This series will help you/our youth stand strong in the Lord and learn not to compromise through pressure from peers, society, social media, music, culture, or other influences in this world. It will also equip your youth to make wise choices and not compromise the Lord’s standards or their own integrity.

Parental Warning: Parents are strongly encouraged to have their Jr. High and/or High School students attend this series on relationships. We will be addressing sensitive topics including pornography, lust, and secret/hidden sins, in hopes to protect against and give the opportunity to repent from such behaviors. Although sensitive, it is extremely necessary to address such topics at this time. We want to educate them biblically on these things as they are already likely being educated via Tik-Tok (or the world) on them - and not from a biblical perspective.

  • TBD– Topic: Life to the Full. 
  • TBD – Topic: Practical & Godly Wisdom Discussion Panel + Q&A.
  • TBD – Topic: Pornography & Lust (Guys & Girls Split Sessions / Testimonies).
  • TBD – Question & Answers.

 📱 Text questions anonymously to (650) 260-3410.


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You can also text questions anonymously to (650) 260-3410

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