Elder & Finance


Phil & Sheeva Peters

Phil & Sheeva are one of the most humorous and joyful couples you will meet. Phil with his dry, subtle, and dangerous humor is complimented well by Sheeva's bubbly, insightful, and joyful personality. Phil is actually the longest standing member of Calvary San Mateo since it was planted 25yrs ago, and is one of the most faithful men you can find. He serves the Lord with a humble heart, and has a great sense of humor. I would say he's led the A/V team for a long time, but he's adamant that he only does sound, so only the "A" portion, so it'd be fitting to say he's led the "A"-team for around 25yrs - Ha! He has since become an Elder and overseer in that capacity for 10yrs. We are super grateful for his leadership and wisdom. Sheeva has been pivotal in helping with the financial operations of the church to make sure we are compliant, above reproach, and good stewards of all that God has entrusted to us. Phil & Sheeva have been married for 20yrs, have two daughters, one son, and live in Burlingame.